I specialize in branding—creating, refreshing, and evolving visual identities.

Trends come and go with the seasons, but a good identity is created to last. I design marks that will stand the test of time. Truly good design does not date.

I work quickly. Delivering on a design brief efficiently requires talent and experience, and I have both. I won’t show you creative that isn’t 100% on-brief. I won’t show you work that I’m not completely proud of. My standards are very high.

I have been hired to design several logos within my industry—for photographers, industrial designers, and ad agencies—which I consider to be an enormous honour.
My process

Arriving at successful design solutions is a journey we take together. Between briefing and delivery, incremental steps in my creative process will be shared. You’ll see design inspiration, thinking, process, and methods long before any finished work.

When working on an established brand, respect for the past is as important as vision for the future. Like renovating a beautiful old house, we first decide what to save and restore before we modernize anything.

The Style Guide

I don’t just deliver a logo and an invoice. Your identity is a system and it needs instruction to properly express itself. Your Style Guide is that roadmap. It provides design tools and systems that inform everything your brand does, in every medium. The guide will be logical, practical, and easy to use. It can be handed off to any creative, at any level, to produce work that is beautiful and on-brand. Your marketing team can then use the guide as a tool to evaluate work from all brand partners, and maintain visual consistency. This document is the foundation of a beautiful, successful, expressive brand.


Beyond branding exercises, I work in many media, in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Digital, social, print, packaging, clothing, product, signage, fleet, environmental—I understand all brand touchpoints. I write and edit copy—something I absolutely love. I photograph people, products, and spaces, and offer full photo retouching services.  

The most common question I’m asked is “Do you do websites?”—of course! I design, develop, provide SEO and technical support, and manage site updates for my clients. I also create and manage MailChimp marketing campaigns.

After building multiple successful retail websites on the Shopify platform, I am an accredited Shopify Partner.

If you have a project in mind, big or small, digital or analogue, please don’t hesitate to email.